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What’s it? A 2D puzzle platformer about amassing and utilizing blocks
Reviewed on: Home windows 7, i5-3570ok, 16GB Ram, GTX 1070
Worth: $15/£12
Launch date: Out now
Developer: Nifflas Video games
Writer: Uncooked Fury
Purchase it: Steam  

Most puzzle video games are about cautious, logical options. Uurnog Uurnlimited is just not. There’s nothing cautious about it. Most of its puzzles could be solved in dozens of haphazard methods, and rendered fully inconceivable in twice as many. Beginning over is a mainstay, but it surely by no means annoys as a result of, whereas Uurnog is undeniably chaotic, it is constructed on techniques so versatile and intelligent that you just’re all the time desperate to attempt once more. 

No less than your purpose is easy: gather animals and produce them again to your base, the save room. Birds and bugs and barky issues that is likely to be canine are scattered round Uurnog’s wild 2D world, which is related by portal-like doorways. To open doorways and discover new animals, you have to gather keys. And to do this, you have to get artistic with blocks.

Uurnog’s vibrant artwork is not voxel-based, however its world could be very a lot constructed on blocks. The whole lot is a block, and each block can be utilized. Enemies are blocks, bombs are blocks, birds are blocks, weapons are blocks. You’ll be able to stand on blocks to select them up after which use or throw them, or put as much as 4 of them in your stock for future use. You’ll be able to kick off blocks when you’re holding them to jerry-rig a double-jump. You’ll be able to put a block inside one other block, then put that block inside one other block. There’s little or no you possibly can’t do with blocks, offered you’ve got bought the precise ones. 

Which brings us to the save room, Uurnog’s assist beam. The save room serves as each your hub and your closet. It is the place you entry areas, and extra importantly it is the place you stash blocks you would possibly want later—stuff like additional weapons and animals, cash, bombs, therapeutic gadgets and all method of bins. It is also the one space in Uurnog that does not reset if you die. It doesn’t matter what occurs, you may all the time discover it precisely as you left it, for higher or worse. Often worse.  

One time I needed to get a blue cat again to the save room to fill out my assortment. The simplest method was to chuck it in one of many hoppers dotted round ranges. Hoppers can retailer as much as 9 blocks, then if you return to the save room your blocks will arrive within the order you hoppered them. So I put the cat within the hopper and climbed in myself. However simply earlier than I teleported, I observed that there have been really three blocks within the hopper, and my coronary heart sank. One among them was the cat I needed, however the different two have been explosive bugs which, I knew from expertise, have been about to destroy among the many beneficial blocks I had stashed away in my save room. 

Something that walks over or falls within the hopper is routinely despatched to your save room. You’ll be able to empty your save room by bringing stuff by means of doorways, however that does not assist if you unintentionally mail your self some enemies or bombs. As a result of if you do, you come house to a disastrous chain response that often ends in your dying or the lack of some actually, very nice blocks. And once more, the save room does not reset, so for those who die mid-disaster, it will nonetheless be going if you respawn. It is form of a nightmare, however the whole lot is replaceable so shedding stuff does not sting. Greater than something, it illustrates the chances of the save room. 

Curating and arranging your save room is pivotal to the whole lot in Uurnog. As a result of puzzles not often have one clear answer and you may retailer blocks, you are free to research puzzles from the angle of what you might have in your save room. Puzzles are exceedingly natural and invite you to leverage the identical chain reactions that ceaselessly lead to your save room’s combustion. Executing your answer is infinitely extra satisfying than determining the answer, and it is right here that Uurnog really shines.  

Buttons, lasers and time clones cannot compete with a customizable toolkit and near-limitless interdimensional storage

Each door you open introduces new blocks and choices, and the options these new blocks unlock are more and more mind-boggling. For instance, there is a gun that permits you to ‘use’ gadgets from a distance. In different phrases, it triggers the impact of something you shoot. It seems like a small factor, however this gun fully modifications the way in which you possibly can manipulate the surroundings. There’s additionally a block that acts as a transportable reverse hopper, a block that teleports you to it, and a gun that places something you shoot into your hopper. These are all big additions, and also you’re all the time contemplating them since you all the time have entry to them. 

By designing options with the save room in thoughts, Uurnog achieves a lot greater than the standard insert-puzzle-here malarky. Buttons, lasers and time clones cannot compete with a customizable toolkit and near-limitless interdimensional storage. It’s very hands-off but it surely efficiently teaches you to suppose in another way, which is the mark of any good puzzle recreation. 

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