Star Wars Battlefront 2 Ideas: Which Class Is Finest For You?

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In Star Wars Battlefront II, there are a selection of roles to tackle whereas on the galactic frontlines. From Imperial armies, Insurgent forces, and lots of different sides spanning the movie series–each combating drive will combat for his or her trigger within the expansive battle. As you wage your battle alongside the galactic frontier, you will come to discover a set of courses which have their very own function to play within the bigger combat, and possess various nuances and methods that may be improved upon over time.

On this information, GameSpot might be providing ideas and knowledge on the 4 core courses in Battlefront II. Together with what their fundamental abilities and roles are in battle, and how one can improve them over the course of your profession. Make sure you examine again with us for extra guides for this on-line Star Wars sport, together with our review-in-progress concerning the state of issues in DICE’s on-line shooter.


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When you should strike the enemy laborious and quick, then the Assault class is the one you possibly can depend on. Because the all-around offensive class, Assault could be a good beginning class for a lot of seeking to be taught the methods of the sport. However within the palms of an skilled participant, this function will be fairly lethal and provide up the quickest strategy to deal fast harm in comparison with different courses. One helpful help capability that they’ve of their possession is the Scan Dart. Firing off a beacon at a distance, you will ping close by enemy infantry, which can present their places on display screen. That is invaluable when attempting to make progress right into a skirmish, permitting you and your allies to see how finest to flank the infantry. With their rapid-fire rifles, the Assault class can go toe-to-toe with most enemies they will come throughout.

Beginning Skills:

  • Thermal Detonator: The default detonator is a throwable grenade packing a lethal punch. When you can improve this capability to deal increased harm, you can even purchase Star Playing cards that substitute it with an Ion Grenade–dealing heavy harm to machines and vehicles–and an Acid Launcher, which offers harm over time to enemies caught in its blast.
  • Scan Dart: This default launcher fires a scan dart which is helpful for rapidly finding enemies. That is extremely helpful when seeking to keep watch over close by enemies and will be upgraded to extend its length. Nonetheless, you possibly can substitute this capability with the Toughen Up skill–allowing you to regain well being faster–and a small side-arm that may blind enemies.
  • Vanguard: Lead the cost and equip a strong short-range weapon that builds no warmth for a restricted time. Basically the Assault’s tremendous capability, this shotgun can be utilized for a restricted time, dealing huge harm at shut vary. When you can improve it with Star Playing cards that may enhance accuracy, lower cooldown, you can even improve it to permit for extra time when pulling off kills.


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In case you’re seeking to develop into a behemoth on the battlefield, then the Heavy class is the one for you. With this class, you are primarily the closest factor to a tank when not in a car. Wielding a big blaster machine gun, you will have entry to various defensive buffs and abilities that can assist you help your allies. Together with a Fight Defend and Sentry cannons, the Heavy can deal massive harm to waves of enemies, whereas additionally soaking harm and defending allies. There’s a trade-off to their further endurance and firepower, nevertheless. The Heavies aren’t as cell as different courses, making them a threat to convey round for lengthy jaunts throughout the map, and might typically be unwieldy in some tighter conditions.

Starter Skills:

  • Impression Grenade: The default Impression Grenade detonates on contact with any object. This grenade provides a fast strategy to deal fast explosive harm to a bunch, however requires some extra accuracy as a result of lack of the normal grenade’s bounce. When you can improve it to extend blast radius, and modify it right into a thermal cost, it may also be upgraded into an Ion Torpedo–allowing you to lock onto autos to deal massive harm.
  • Fight Defend: The default Fight Defend initiatives in entrance of you, providing a great stability between mobility and safety. This may be extremely helpful when main allies down a slim path and defending them from enemy hearth. Nonetheless, if this capability is not doing it for you, then you possibly can swap it out for a grenade launcher or an Ion Turret, dealing explosive harm to enemies.
  • Sentry: Maintain the road by drawing a heavy rotary blaster. You and close by allies take lowered explosive harm if you are in Sentry mode. This explicit capability options various totally different modifications–including a light-weight variant for quicker motion, boosted well being regeneration, and likewise including explosive rounds to your cannon.


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There comes a time throughout battle when your allies will want an additional push to recover from a very massive hump. With the Officer on the sector, this class can apply therapeutic and buffs to allies, whereas additionally popping off a number of photographs with their side-arm. Sadly, the Officer possess some fairly weak offensive abilities on their very own, making them a selected class you will usually need to avoid heavy motion. Nonetheless, this management class can provide up some first rate harm with their automated blaster turret, which may also help shield a seize location and create chokepoints round tight locations.

Starter Skills:

  • Flash Grenade: The Flash Grenade splits into a number of fragments that blind and deal a small quantity of injury. Whereas this grenade is not as deadly because the others, it may be helpful when used on the proper time towards a bunch. Whereas there’s enhancements to blast radius, you can even substitute the grenade solely with a homing blast shot, and even a particular Defuser ability that negates all incoming blast harm.
  • Blaster Turret: The default Blaster Turret locks on to enemy troopers and autos. Turret routinely repairs when close to a pleasant officer. The turret is a ability that may be extremely efficient when used towards the enemy, however provided that you are good about once you pull it out. It’s totally simple to waste it by activating it at an improper second. However in the event you can set off it on the proper time, you will rapidly see harm and kill-counts rack up. Nonetheless, if the turret is not doing it for you, then check out the Squad Defend–which creates an vitality defend that wards off vitality damage–or even a modified disruptor machine that overheats close by enemy weapons.
  • Battle Command: Encourage your squad by issuing a Battle Command that enables your allies to resist extra harm. There’s various modifiers that may be utilized to this ability, akin to better therapeutic results, capability cooldowns, and most attention-grabbing of all–decreasing all blaster cooling instances for allies. This ability is important for gamers seeking to grasp the Officer class.


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Typically, a great military wants a number of troopers that may keep on with the excessive floor and choose off the opposing crew from afar. With the Specialist class, you will use your sniper rifle to break enemies at nice distances and scout out different enemies throughout the space. Sadly, this explicit class will not be capable to do a lot at shut vary, making them particularly weak to Assault sorts that may sneak as much as get the pounce on them. Nonetheless, the Specialist are surprisingly versatile and might simply take care of themselves.

Starter Skills:

  • Shock Grenade: The default Shock Grenade that quickly slows enemies down. This grenade will be helpful when you should make a fast getaway, however if you wish to have one thing with a bit of extra kick to it, then you possibly can purchase Star Playing cards that swap it out for the damage-over-time sidearm Stinger Pistol, and the stun-focused Repulser Cannon.
  • Thermal Binoculars: Digital macro binoculars able to uncovering warmth signatures of enemy troopers, even by partitions. With Star Playing cards, you possibly can enhance the vary and effectiveness of the binoculars, nevertheless if you’d like one thing that may get you nearer to the motion, then you possibly can swap them up for the Journey Mines and Private Defend–protecting you and close by allies from enemy hearth.
  • Infiltration: Go behind enemy traces by changing into undetectable to enemy scanners, marking enemies, and equipping a strong medium-ranged weapon. In case you’re uninterested in sticking to the outskirts of the map, this capability could make you a bit extra stealthy and rush into the bases of the opposing forces. Utilizing Star Playing cards, you possibly can increase your resilience, mark close by enemies, and enhance the length of this explicit capability.

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