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Information about Football Heads Game

Football belongs to the group of games that require an appropriate team to play. The rules of this game are quite straightforward. All the players gather in the ground and have to kick the ball in an attempt to score a goal. Some countries, like the United States, also refer to football as Soccer. British often make fun of Americans for that, they only go with the term football to refer to this game. In Europe, football is the most watched and most played game. Most of the popular football players originate from Europe. Recently, Americans also participated in an international football tournament but could not make a mark.

Football in Europe vs. Football in the USA:

The term football widely used term in the USA as well, but it refers to another game, not the traditional game. American football is a bit like rugby. And in rugby, the players have to grab a ball with hand and then run to score a goal. On his way to the goal, the player will have to avoid his opponents who will try to stop him. This game is popular all over the United States and has teams from all the states with many loyal fans. On the other hand, European football is what we all are familiar with. It is different from American football in many aspects. In American football, the players hold their positions in exclusive areas of the ground in the beginning. As the game progresses, they start running and throwing the ball and don’t use a lot of kicks. The main element of the American football is to master the art of body tackling. However, in European football, the main element of the game is to kick the ball around. The players move freely in the ground, and the rules of the game are not very strict.

Football Tournaments:

The tournaments are the most sought after sports event all over the world. Millions of people start buying tickets months before the actual games are set to happen. The football stars are like celebrities and are often modeling for various top brands. People love them, and most of the stars have more fans following than the mainstream Hollywood actors. Some even started acting and modeling professionally after retiring from football. There are a lot of large football stadiums for the football tournaments. People gather in the stadium every year for watching the game thus making football popular game all over the world.

Rules of Football:

Before playing football in a stadium or online like football heads games, one must know all the rules of the game. Football does not come with a lot of tricky rules and hard to understand techniques. It is slightly easy as compared to some of the other complicated games out there. Following are some of the common rules of football. One must keep in mind that he has to follow all these rules to avoid penalties. As penalties can destroy the reputation of the player and he may have to leave the game as well.
  1. Teams.

    Football comes with two teams that have to play against each other. The teams usually comprise of players ranging from 11 to 18. Sometimes, several variations are likely to occur as well.
  2. Ground.

    The players that participate in any football game or the tournament have to play the game within the given field. The selection of the ground is a result of proper measurements. And it contains several lines that indicate different positions on the ground for players. The ground also comes with a boundary which serves the purpose of keeping the players within the field.
  3. Scoring Points.

    The players can earn points based on the efforts that they make to stay ahead of the opposite team. The teams can score points if they manage to kick the ball. And move it towards the opposite team’s goal area. They can also move it over their line.
  4. Scoring Goals.

    In the football ground, there are two goal posts for each team. The players from both of the teams ensure that they put the ball in the opposite team’s goal post. They keep taking shots after shots and often fail. But the more shots they take the better chance they have at scoring the goal.
  5. Defense.

    Defense is the probably one of the most important factors of this game. Both of the teams have separate players dedicated to the purpose of defense. These players remain in the area of their goal posts. And the opposite team tries to put the ball in the goal and defense players try to stop him. The stronger the defense is, the better the team will be.
  6. No Hands Rule.

    Football, as the name suggests, is a game that involves kicking the ball only with the foot. And the players should not try to touch the ball with their hands. If the players use their hands during the game, it can result in a penalty.
All these rules restrict the movement of players during the game. And prevent them from performing certain actions like carrying or hand-passing the ball.

Sports Heads:

Sports heads is an online platform for games and provide some different sports games to their thousands of loyal fans. For the convenience of their players, they make sure to update their games on a regular basis. And often they come up with new and advanced versions of their games. Every new version is better than the previous one and contains a lot better features and graphics. Because of that the number of sports heads fans keeps on increasing with each passing day.

Sports heads provide the following games for their users:

  1. Basketball – Sports Basketball Heads is a basketball game for all users who want a close to the real life experience of basketball. It comes with several basketball championships and teams. And it allows the players to boost their energy level with the help of power cards and other in-app purchases.
  2. Tennis – This game is a delight for tennis lovers who don’t find enough time actually to play tennis. They can enjoy playing tennis online. With the help of this game that comes with very skilled opponents, you can give the players a hard time.
  3. Football –This football game is especially useful for the fans who want to challenge their gaming skills. Football heads come with different levels of difficulty and are not like some regular simple football game. It also features tournaments and different teams. The players can also choose from a number of skilled football players which makes this game much more interesting and it is called soccer heads game.
  4. Classic Games – Like a lot of other websites, sports heads provides numerous classic unblocked games at school as well. These games are often easy as compared to the other sports games. And these games have different levels of difficulty from moderate to hard ones, depending on the skills of the players. Some of the classic games include Super Mario, happy wheels, SpongeBob games, classic Pacman, space invader, cube field, etc.

Sports Football Heads:

Football heads 2 is a newly launched game by sports heads and come with a total of ten matches. The player has to make sure to earn high scores during all these matches. And he also has to make an effort to achieve in-app rewards. The characters in the game look rather funny running around with really big heads and comparatively shorter legs. All of the matches come with almost twenty in-app rewards but earning these rewards can be a bit tricky. You might have to do things that you otherwise will not do which sometimes can be really fun too.

How to Earn the Gold Medal?

Earning the gold medal in this fun mini football heads game is not very hard. It only requires a little bit of effort and technique from the player. The player might have to reduce his points and intentionally to make a comeback in a better way. Sometimes the player will have to kick in the opposite net and even go for negative power-ups to earn achievements. After you have finished playing the game, you submit your earned score. And then see if you are eligible for a gold medal. Obtaining a gold medal requires the player to score at least ten goals in the entire game. Given the simplicity of this game, scoring ten goals is not very hard. And thus earning a gold medal is pretty easy and achievable. The total time is usually 30 minutes, and you have to make sure to earn score as you can.

Levels of Difficulty:

As compared to other sports heads games, football heads come with levels that are fairly difficult. As it makes the game more challenging so you will enjoy playing it. Most of the football games available online are very easy and simple which makes them boring. That is why most of the football fans prefer this game over others. As a matter of fact who doesn’t love a little bit of challenge? The levels of difficulty of this game may vary from level to level. Some people reported that they found the first level of this game to be fairly difficult. But as the game progresses the second level becomes easier as compared to the first one. As the player progresses his way to the more advanced levels, he will find some of the advanced levels easy. This means that this game does not really have a proper sequence of difficulty. In fact, some initial levels are much more difficult than the advanced levels.

Problems with the Game:

There a few very obvious errors in football heads and sadly developers did not show much concern in solving them. Following are the two main problems with this game:
  1. No matter where the ball is on the field. Once it receives a kick, the chances are that it will almost always move towards the net. This totally does not make sense. Sometimes because the ball does not always receive a kick towards the net. But it still starts progressing towards the net.
  2. The big head character in this game moves very slowly which can be a bit annoying at times. Sometimes when the ball is rolling ahead of the character, he often fails to catch because of his slow speed.
Putting aside these two problems, this game is overall good for its genre. Not a lot of mini-games come with features as good as this game.

Graphics of the Game:

Graphics of football heads are pretty good considering the fact that it is a mini game. It does not have graphics that look old or plain but instead, the graphics look very polished. The background of the game has stood like a real football stadium and an audience to cheer up the players. Some people really like the idea of giving the character a big head. All the players look different from each other. This is very different from other mini games in which character usually look alike.

Music in the Game:

This game comes with very cool background music. Background music plays a major role in stirring the players so it should always be good. The game features sound effects of the audience cheering for the players. And thus provide the player with a somewhat realistic football game environment. The music in the game sounds interesting. We enjoy more while playing games when the background music is interesting and is of a good quality. The players are more attracted towards the game. To conclude, this game is very good for its genre. As a matter of fact, it comes with sufficient level of difficulty for who don’t like to play easy games. If you want to enjoy a close to the real life experience of football, you should definitely give this game a try. So if you are a football game lover and want to play it then do not waste time. So, enjoy playing this game.


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