How to Connect Your Console to the Internet Step by Step

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There’s nothing like playing online against other people! It is a hilarious challenge and, nowadays, the most current games tend to focus on the “online” mode.

With a fiber for low latency gamers and a good ping result, like the one offered, you can compete and raze among your friends.

So today we’re going to show you how to connect your console with internet step by step so you do not miss even a hint of fun.

How to connect your Nintendo Switch to the Internet

Your Nintendo Switch can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and, if you are at your base, you can also connect via LAN cable. As before, we recommend this mode whenever you can or are at home, so as not to lose speed.

How to connect your Nintendo Switch to the Internet via cable

Very easy. Simply connect the network cable to the base of the console at one end, and to the router on the other.

Now, in the Home menu of your console, go to «Configuration of the console» (the penultimate icon next to the turn off).

Choose “Internet” in the options on the left and “Internet settings” on the right.

You will see that a section of «Registered Connections» appears and there «Connection with cable» appears. You choose it and … it’s done!

How to connect your Nintendo Switch to the Internet via Wi-Fi

From the base, if you do not have a cable or do not want to use it, you can connect via Wi-Fi. In the same way, when you remove the console from that base and take it to play with it as a portable console, you must connect by a wireless network.

Follow the same steps as before: «Home> Console Settings> Internet> Internet Settings».

In the screen that appears, in the “Found Networks” section, look for yours, select and enter the password.

Remember to choose your 5GHz network to go faster. And that’s it.

As you can see it is very easy and remember that if you use your switch as a portable console you can also use your mobile as a Wi-Fi router, sharing your data connection.

So you can play, wherever you are, and use your data plan to connect online.

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And how about Connect your Nintendo Switch to the internet outside the home?

As you well know if you have a Nintendo Switch, it is a desktop console that becomes a laptop, therefore … You also use it outside the home! How about using your mobile data to play online when you’re not at home? With data rates, how do you accumulate the Megas that are left over from the previous month, it could be a good way to spend them, do not you think?

How to connect your PlayStation 4 to the Internet

Your PlayStation 4 can be connected in two ways to the internet. It can be via Wi-Fi or it can be via LAN cable, a direct cable that goes from your router to the console.

To play online, we recommend that you do it by cable. That way you will not lose a single one of the 50 megabytes, and you will always have the lowest latency (the delay in the network at the time of receiving data).

Always keep in mind that it is this latency that will make the difference when you are playing. If you react quickly, but the latency of the network delays the sending of the order you have given, your rival will overtake you.

How to connect your PlayStation 4 with LAN cable

Very simple, go to the «Settings» section and, once inside, go down to the «Network» option.

Go there and choose the option: «Configure Internet connection». You will see the two options that we have mentioned. Select: «Use a LAN cable».

The PlayStation 4 offers you an easy configuration mode, choose it and it will be configured automatically.

How to connect your PlayStation 4 via Wi-Fi

Follow the same steps as before, but in the section “Configure Internet connection” choose “Use Wi-Fi”, instead of using cable.

Select the network you wish to connect to and enter the password.

If you connect via Wi-Fi, we recommend that you do it to the 5GHz network (you will see the name of your network with a 5G at the end). Thus you will have less saturation and greater speed.

How to connect your Xbox One to the Internet

All the tips we have given you to connect your PlayStation 4 are for your Xbox One. So, better if you connect by cable to play without losing speed and, if you do it over Wi-Fi, connect to the 5GHz network.

How to connect your Xbox One with LAN cable

Very easy. Connect the cable to the back of your Xbox One and the other end to the router.

Now turn on your Xbox One and it will tell you that you have cable or Wired connection.

How to connect your Xbox One via WiFi to the network

Also very simple. Touch the button with the Xbox icon and select “Settings”. Now, you choose “All configuration” and then “Network”.

On that screen choose: «Network configuration».

If you then click on: «Wireless network configuration», the one you have is deleted and the networks appear so you can select one and connect with the appropriate password.

How to connect your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS to the Internet

The Nintendo 3DS or 2DS is connected only by Wi-Fi, so … no cable here.

To do it in either of the two, in the Home menu of the console, go to the configuration (the wrench icon).

Click on “Internet Settings” and then “Internet Connection”. Choose «New connection» and then if you want to do it manually or with help.

Manually it is very simple, choose that option and wireless networks will appear at your fingertips.

Use the command to choose yours and then the on-screen keyboard to enter the password.

In this case, your Nintendo 2DS or 3DS will not be able to connect to a 5GHz network, so you’ll have to connect to your usual Wi-Fi.

As you can see, connecting your console to the Internet is very simple, no matter what you have. This way you will have all the online games at your fingertips, to prove that you have no rival anywhere in the world.