Basketball Heads Championship 2016-17

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Basketball Heads Championship 2016-17

Information About Basketball Heads Game

Sometimes we want to play a simple and a straight forward game. In fact, we want to utilize our hours after work in a healthy activity. The activity which is not only good for our physical health but is also a fun doing it. Then why should we not go to play the games like football heads, head soccer, basketball? In fact, basketball is a boisterous game. It is a game that has caught the minds of millions of people in all around the world. In fact, many people love either watching the Basketball Heads or playing it.

The Basketball Heads Game:

As a matter of fact, the basketball is a dynamic and one of the most popular games. It is played almost in all over the world. In addition, it is a game in which two teams play on a rectangular ground. In fact, the basic aim of both the teams is to shot the ball into a hoop. The hoop or the basket has the diameter of 18 inches. And the hoop is fitted on the backboards at the height of 10 feet. These backboards are on both the sides and one team prevents the other to shot the ball into it. As a matter of fact, the more interesting part of basketball is that you can play it as an indoor game too. If you do not have a proper basketball court, then you can play it inside a building too. But you need a bit larger area to play it. In addition, you can play it on your lawn, backyard or garden, etc. In fact, basketball is a simple game you do not need any complicated equipment to play it. You need the following equipment to play the basketball:
  • A basketball
  • Hoop or basket where you shot the ball
  • Knee and arm pads
However, if you are playing it on a court, then you need 94 ×50 feet. In fact, the court dimension can be changed according to the level of the game.

The Precept Of Basketball:

The basic principle or the precept of basketball is:
  1. Scoring the point by putting the ball in the hoop of the opposite team
  2. Prevent the opposing team players from throwing the ball into the basket
In fact both the teams have to score the points and stop the other team to make the points. Both teams try, but only one team wins if it follows the rules of the game. As a matter of fact, the sportsmanship is crucial in each sports game. Though one can win by cheating losing a game playing fairly is far better than winning by dishonesty.

Benefits of Playing The Basketball:

Though playing basketball is great fun. It makes your mind relax, and you feel thrill and excitement while playing. Additionally, it has other benefits as well. It is a game in which physical activity is involved. It is somehow like a workout that keeps you fit and healthy. Following are some of the benefits you get by playing basketball:
  • Cardiovascular Health:
In fact in the basketball game, you keep yourself moving. You stop the opponent team from pointing scores that make your heart beat up. Consequently, it develops the cardiovascular endurance. Thus playing basketball is beneficial for cardiovascular health.
  • Bone Strength:
When you do some hard physical activity, it helps to develop the new bone tissues. Same is the case in playing basketball. When you run towards the backboard or jump to throw the ball into the hoop, it strengthens your bones. In addition, you muscles also get stronger.
  • Burn Calories:
Another benefit of playing basketball is that it helps to burn calories. As you run and jump while playing so, you can reduce fat. In fact, if you play basketball regularly, then you do not need to go the gym. The American President Barak Obama also plays basketball.
  • A Complete Physical exercise:
As we have already discussed that bones and muscles get strong by playing basketball. If you have the problems of laziness, then go and play the basketball. In addition, it also helps to reduce health problem as it is a complete exercise. You run, jump and dribble that makes you all body parts move.
  • Self-discipline:
Like any other game, the basketball has rules. In case the teams do not follow the rules, get penalties. So the basketball teaches the self-discipline. It teaches the players to control and act properly.

Rules of the Game:

The basketball also has some rules of playing it like any other game. Let’s take a brief look on some of the rules of the Basketball Heads game:
  • The first rule is that you can throw the ball in any direction. But make sure that you are not throwing it back behind the midcourt line.
  • The second rule is that you can beat the ball in any direction using your hands. But never use your wrist to throw the ball.
  • The third rule is that the player cannot run with the ball. In fact, he has to throw the ball to other players and then run.
  • You can hold the ball in hands. But you cannot hold it in the arms or any other body part.
  • Holding, pushing or striking to the opponent players is not allowed at all.
  • If one team makes consecutive fouls, it would be considered as a goal for the other team.
  • The empire will observe and keep an eye on the game. He is the person who will notice the fouls. In addition, he can disqualify a player according to the situation.
  • The match consists of two halves of fifteen minutes. Moreover, they players will take a break of five minutes between the two halves.

The Basketball Heads Video Games:

For those people who do not want to play the basketball in an original court video games available. They can play these games and enjoy the taste of playing the basketball game. Following are some of the basketball game:
  • NBA 2k 17 released in 2015
  • Super basket manager released in 2015
  • NBA live 16 released in 2015
  • Ro-Ku-Bu released in 2014
  • NBA Elite released in 2010
  • Ro-Ku-Bu Himitsu no Otoshimono released in 2013
  • NBA street homecourt released in 2007
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